Recent Presentations

  • Sungjin Shin (English), “Reading Numbers in Endymion”
  • Romanticism Mini Conference
    • Amy Fairgrieve: “Reading as Retreat: Current Events in William Cowper’s The Task
    • Sungjin Shin: “Wordsworth’s Small Sublime: Unexpected Emotions in ‘Lucy’ Poems”
    • Moinak Choudhury: “Wonder, Curiosity, and the Humboldtian Sublime: Nature and Narrative Technique in Alexander von Humboldt’s Works”
    • Yon Ji Sol: “A Reading Interrupted and a Career Not Pursued: Becoming an Irish Gentleman in Maria Edgeworth’s The Absentee
    • Samantha Craine: “Incest and Agonal Grief: A Comparison of Ford’s ‘Tis Pity and Byron’s Manfred
    • Amanda Alexander: “Cosmic Atheism and the Sublime: Confronting the Unknown in P. B. Shelley and H. P. Lovecraft”
  • Amy Fairgrieve (English), “Made, Making, Makeable: Epistemological Pleasure, Wordsworth to Now”
  • Yon Ji Sol (English), “”Aspiring Chevaliers in Mansfield Park: The Price Siblings, England, and Empire”
  • Ashley Sandlin (English), “Eighteenth-Century Women’s Experience of the Theater”
  • Karsten Olson (German, Scandinavian, and Dutch), “Christian Garve and the Power of Unsystematic Thinking”
  • Jen-chou Liu (English), “‘Lewd and Ungenerous Engraftment’: The Botanical Body of Richardson’s Pamela
  • Katelin Krieg (English), “George Meredith, Karl Pearson, and Modeling a ‘Larger Self'”
  • Yon Ji Sol (English), “Naming Bleak House: Fog, East Wind, and Bleakness in Bleak House and Rural Rides
  • Dr. Ann M. Tandy (English), “Networks of Time and Place: Collecting and Containing the Threat of Egypt’s Past”
  • Dr. Simon Calder (Communication Studies), “Labor, Estrangement, and the Power of Money in George Eliot’s Silas Marner, Ludwig Feuerbach’s The Essence of Christianity, and Karl Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844″
  • Professor Geri Chavis (English, St. Catherine University) , “Who’s Protecting Whom: Danger and Safety in Victorian Period Courtship Novels”
  • Katelin Krieg (English), “The Simplicity of Nature and the Nature of Simplicity”
  • Amy Fairgrieve (English), “‘With eager pace, and no less eager thoughts’: Internal Sensation in the 1805 Prelude”
  • Wes Burdine (English), “‘Up-To-Date With a Vengeance’: Dracula and Prosthetic Bodies of Text”
  • Professor Andrew Odlyzko (Mathematics), “Economically Irrational Pricing of 19th Century British Government Bonds”
  • Patricia Baehler (English), “Postal Security, Performativity, and Reform in the Novels of Jane Austen”
  • Nasir Sakandar (English), “Sexual Domination and the Political Process: The Affective Victorian Male Mind in Ashbee and Devereux, and its Representations in the Anglo-Afghan Wars”
  • Leslie Nightingale (English), “‘Charming and thoroughly old English’: Recreating The Vicar of Wakefield in the Late Nineteenth Century”
  • Wes Burdine (English), “‘What Was It?’: Textual Bodies and Bodies of Texts”
  • Mark Ambrose (English), “Bound By Narrowing Perceptions: Blake’s Critique of Locke in The Book of Urizen
  • Ashley Sandlin (English), “The Freedom to Speak: Samson Occom and His Fundraising Trip to Britain”
  • Dr. Joe Hughes (English), “Henry James and the ‘Scenic’ Law: Desire, Form, Technogenesis”
  • Patricia Baehler (English), “Securing Love Letters: Aphra Behn, the Postal Network, and the (Dis)Loyal Messenger”
  • Trenton Olsen (English), “‘Trailing Clouds of . . . Primal Sympathy’: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Evolutionary Wordsworth”
  • Leslie Nightingale, Michael Phillips, and Katelin Krieg (English), Bibliographic Critical Histories of Evelina, Victim of Prejudice, and Belinda
  • Dr. Simon Calder (Communication Studies), “George Eliot, Spinoza and the Ethics of Literature”
  • Professor Matthias Rothe (German, Scandinavian, and Dutch), “Kant and Epictetus: Transformations of Imperial Stoicism”
  • Professor Andrew Odlyzko (Mathematics), “Charles Mackay’s Own Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Railway Mania”
  • Trenton Olsen (English), “The White Slaves of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience
  • Sharin’ Schroeder (English), “Reading Miracles: Domestic Theology in Margaret Oliphant’s Life of Edward Irving
  • Professor Tony Brown (English), Excerpts from The Primitive, the Aesthetic, and the Savage: An Enlightenment Problematic (his forthcoming book)
  • Professor Neil Chudgar (English, Macalester College), “Couplet Ecology”
  • Leslie Schumacher (History), “‘The Eastern Question Cannot Settle Itself’: Humanitarianism and *Realpolitik* During the 1876 Bulgarian Agitation”
  • Professor Anna Clark (History), “James Hinton, Polygamy and the Sacrifice of the Self”
  • Dr. Joe Hughes (English), “The Conception of Sympathy in Silas Marner
  • Jennifer Baltzer-Lovato (English), “Walls of Smoke: Protective Tobacco Use in the Sensation Decade”
  • Shannon Scott (English, University of St. Thomas), “Terrifying Transformations: The Female Werewolf and the New Woman in Late Nineteenth-Century Gothic Fiction”
  • Kate Hannah (English), “’Philosophers are only men in armour, after all’: The Gentleman and Politeness in The Pickwick Papers
  • Matt Flaherty (English), “Dostoevsky’s Realism of the Human Soul: Dialectical Stages in The Brothers Karamazov
  • Professor Brian Goldberg (English), “Debt and Taxes in Scott’s Last Book”
  • Heather McNeff (English), “Uncovering Scott’s Rebecca
  • Professor Young-ok An (English, University of St. Thomas), “Manfred Unbound: Becoming Phantom”
  • Professor Bradley Deane (English, University of Minnesota–Morris), “Boys Who Wouldn’t Grow Up: The Play Ethic and the Pirate Empire”
  • Kevin Riordan (English), “The Romantic Epitaph and Haunted Reading; or Reading Monument, Inscription and the Body”
  • Sharin’ Schroeder (English), “Fighting Over Reality, Defining the Invisible: Fantastic Doctrines in Kingsley and Newman”
  • Professor Gordon Hirsch (English), “The Rejection of Dichotomous Thinking in Stevenson’s Literary Essays”